Glitz Nashville Icon Influencer Application


Glitz Nashville partners with social media influencers who have an established credibility and audience, and by virtue of their trustworthiness and authenticity have the ability to influencer their followers through promoted brand content. Glitz's goal is to build a meaningful relationship with partnering influencers and their audiences through engagement and word-of-mouth communication.


When considering a partnership, Glitz take the following factors into consideration:

Have an engaged audience that is relevant to the Glitz customer

Must be authentic and relatable

Active on social media and post frequently

Have a tone and style that align with the Glitz brand


Glitz considers the influence and realationship an influencer has with his/her audience more than the audience size.


Glitz Icon Influencer Requirements:

Participate as a model in a Glitz marketing photoshoot

Represent the Glitz brand in a professional, positive manner across all social channels


Now the fun part!

Icons will receive a $250 store credit after the completion fo a Glitz marketing photoshoot.

Icons can receive additional store credit for posting about volunteer and humanitarian work.

For every four posts, Icons will receive an additional $100 off of a $300 purchase.

Icons can also earn $10 for each person who purchases in-store or online using a cusotm Icon code which will offer users a tax-free purchase.


This is a monthly partnership that requires a minimum of one month's participation. After completion of one month, both parties can agree to continue the partnership for subsequent months.