2022 Prom Color Trends

2022 Prom Color Trends

Every year, girls excitedly dream about the dress they will dance the night away in at prom, and
we love seeing all the latest trends evolve with each season. This year, as always, a few
fan-favorite colors dominate runways and shopping racks alike, and we see girls gravitating
towards them more than others. We can’t wait to help you make this season’s trending colors
yours, so we’re here to give you an inside school on what’s hot in prom dress fashion in 2022:



Feminine and fun, pastel prom dresses are a huge hit for girls wanting a look that embraces the
soft hues of fresh spring blooms. Colors like baby blue, mint green, pale pink, or lavender, like
the Jovani gown shown above, elevate any silhouette with a youthful glow that perfectly
complements any high school girl. These shades have the added benefit of really making
tanned skin pop, and we love how a matching eyeshadow shade can help beautifully tie this
look together. If a dreamy, fairytale-like prom dress speaks to you, pastels are the way to go.



In recent years, green has become an overwhelmingly popular color, decking red carpets and
runways alike. This cool-toned tue is widely praised in the makeup community for its
superpower ability of counteracting red undertones to neutralize uneven complexions, resulting
in clear, flush-free skin. As a result, deep emerald formal gowns, like the Sherri Hill one shown
above, look incredible on a wide range of skin tones! Depending on how you choose to style it,
emerald can look classic, edgy, or boho, as this hue adapts easily to different aesthetics.



Although black is a classic color that will never go out of style, we have been surprised at the
amount of girls opting to bring the sophisticated appeal of a black formal dress to an occasion
typically associated with lively, youthful colors. Nonetheless, we can’t get enough of this refined
take on prom fashion! Sleek, black fabric, sewn into a chic, sultry silhouette, like the gown by
Jovani shown above, results in a versatile, timeless piece that you’ll want to wear again and
again for years to come after prom.



If edgy is more your style, you will love the metallic prom dress trend! Metallic prom dresses
utilize shimmering sequins to create mesmerizing textures from your neckline to the hem of your
skirt. This style covers a wide range of colors, from simple golds and silvers to perfectly paired
duo-chromes, like the jaw-dropping blue and green Jovani dress shown above. This gives you a
world of possible color combinations to choose from, with each option more radiant than the
last. Regardless of the color you choose, metallic prom dresses ensure that you’ll glow all night,
as each of your gown’s detailed embellishments glitter in the light every time you move.



With so many colors to choose from, sometimes, keeping it simple is key. White prom dresses,
like the one by Jovani shown above, look lovely on every skin tone, and create a blank canvas
perfect for accessories. White sets the stage for an eye-catching, statement jewelry piece, —
such as a chunky necklace, dangling earrings, or a large gemstone ring, — or a colorful clutch
or pair of pumps. By wearing a white prom dress, you’ll stand out in a sea of rainbow-colored
gowns, and you can always lean on accessories for subtle pops of color.
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